Risc Technology Integration (Pty) Ltd will embrace, support and enact the set of core values in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption.


    • Fully certified staff.
    • Multi vendor capability.
    • Client specific customization.
    • Flexible with you in mind.
    • SLA flexibility with in-country spares.
    • Provide country and region wide coverage.
    • Own engineers and excellent response times
    • Cross-border capability.
    • Excellent turnaround and response times.
    • On-site engineers.
    • Positive attitude.
    • Management reporting.


    • Skills within our team.
    • Vendor independent.
    • Integration with the current environment.
    • There from conception to completion.
    • Consolidation/virtualisation of desktops.
    • Consolidation/virtualisation of servers.
    • Consolidation/virtualisation of storage.
    • First-class consultancy.


    • Highly skilled and certified staff.
    • Variety of vendors.
    • Consultations
    • Quality experience.
    • Platform independent.
    • End-to-end capability.
    • Implementation capability.
    • Best solution for the customer
    • Vendor independent.
    • Proven track record


    • Security and Compliance
    • Fast Recovery Times
    • Customer-Centric Approach
    • Product Excellence
    • Customer Engagement
    • Data Resiliency and Security
    • Cloud Adoption and Integration
    • Automation and Orchestration
    • Impact on Business Success
    • Enhanced Data Availability
    • Improved Data Security


    • Hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud solutions
    • Highly skilled and specialized staff
    • Cloud strategy planning
    • Cloud solution architectures
    • Backup and DR solutions
    • Cloud-based virtual tape libraries
    • Aligning with your procurement processes
    • Automatic scaling of your environment to meet demand
    • Cost management and optimization
    • Cloud infrastructure recommendations and optimization
    • Free advanced monitoring and dashboards of your cloud environment using best of breed tools
    • Ongoing security recommendations
    • Specialized skills in cloud database migrations


    • License Audits
    • Cost Optimization
    • Risk Mitigation
    • Vendor Management
    • License Optimization

We have been externally audited for Safety, Health and the Environment. We have a proud record of safety and are committed to our wide ranging training programmes.